songs about love and vanity

last night's sing-a-long at the electricity showrooms was funs funs funs as usual. it's always the same: at first no one wants to sing and just keeps drinking down courage so that by the time the party is nearly over the list of singers suddenly exlodes. same goes for the dancefloor when people pull out their best interpretation of 'push it' or shout-a-long song 'i would do anything for love'. i gave it my best shot performing carly simon's 'you're so vain' after an in-depth study of the song material at home. so is it about mick jagger or warren beatty? these and other questions belong to the riddles i wonder about. below are 2 fine examples of a-long-singers.


now this one, i love

excuse me, but just how amazing is this guy? i firmly believe he's the missing third member of the kills and obviously has the most amazing sense of working the (seemingly) unworkable. let's resume: a fuzzy-haired bright red sweater and a pink t-shirt underneath will look hot on a straight man if they're combined with a pair of black jeans and some sleek black boots. thrilling.


best date outfits

here's a couple more pictures from sunday night's ISSUE at the electricity showrooms. i wanted to take more photos, but then i just got too carried away dancing. HURRA!


we put art in your heart.

last night was the second edition of ISSUE, a new night happening monthly at the electricity showrooms in shoreditch. the theme was 'the art?' and interpretations ranged from an andy warholish bohemian look to a very eco-friendly recycling shopping bag fashion. the latter is probably not uninspired by my very favorite gareth pugh who was the first designer to turn trash bags into haute couture. if you're in london for the next issue stop by for a good dance and new chance to show your latest homemade outfit since the death of boombox.


gender (con)fusion

yesterday my friend fred and i went out despite him coughing and myself sneezing all the way. we did our best to pull our glamourous selves together and take it like men. after mediocre fun at For3ign (which normally is cool, just not during easter i guess) we stopped by a kebab place and bought some fries. we were the only ones in there but all 3 of the staff bothered to come on the scene and chat with us. of greatest interest seemed to be the fact that fred looks like a girl, yet he's a boy. "when you change?" the curious turkish kebab man asked and frankly the situation was beyond weird. fred gets confused for a girl so often it even says MISS fredrik on his bank card! this post is dedicated to the curious kebab man and his collegues. a little lesson on girls dressing like boys and boys dressing like, erm, boy george.

oh yeah - happy easter from me ;)


true or false

1) this beauty is from malaysia.
2) she's a big hip hop star in her country.
3) her name means 'flower that blooms in winter as long as you mean winter in australia' in english
4) she owns a a dress with a black and blue print.

just how good was your friday?

yesterday we ventured out on a good friday night and were possibly trying just a little too hard. after hopping in and out of 5 bars we had a couple of drinks at TRAILER TRASH which is usually a great hang out for fabulistas. sadly last night most of them seemed to use their friday to recover from thursday night/regain powers for saturday and sunday which are up for some cool parties.
my night became good fun later on at jazz bar but i didnt bring my camera which was nice for a change. i got to be "a normal person".
see below for some down to mars picture posing.


the token sunday post

so believe it or not but this weekend i decided to stay in and work on my essay, hopefully producing something worthy of a distinction (what the brits call an A). that means no parties, clubs, bars, alcohol, time-wasting until wednesday. of course i still have to take out the trash or purchase milk and canned soups from the local super market so i do cross people and sometimes cool ones. the gentleman below for example. very nice chap, and a gold-collar in my book is always worth displaying on glamcanyon. enjoy your sunday y'all.

ps: who can figure out the 4 lies in this post?


vamps and vampires

volstead on wednesday was something else, i can tell you. the minute we walked in, someone came shining a bright light into my face asking for my identification. i had none so i was asked for a finger print and a signature (see last photo). little later a performer started argueing with a lady from the audience and ripped her blouse. it took me a while to figure out that she, too, was a performer and is in fact the lady with the lovely stickers on her breasts. after witnessing several scenes that were to lead to promiscuous sex, a strange man bit my hand so hard i woke up with a bruise from it today. quite possibly one of the sexiest things one can wake up with.
the whole of the blood-sucking extravaganza is below.

where women are ladies and men are gentlemen

last night a trio of exquisite gentlemen brought a new night to london underground bohemia called Volstead Putsch at Volstead. dress code for the night was described as communist para-military, east-end agitator, black-tie bourgeoisie, weimar cabaret fairy, soho spiv, etc
below are some glamourous interpretations of it.