songs about love and vanity

last night's sing-a-long at the electricity showrooms was funs funs funs as usual. it's always the same: at first no one wants to sing and just keeps drinking down courage so that by the time the party is nearly over the list of singers suddenly exlodes. same goes for the dancefloor when people pull out their best interpretation of 'push it' or shout-a-long song 'i would do anything for love'. i gave it my best shot performing carly simon's 'you're so vain' after an in-depth study of the song material at home. so is it about mick jagger or warren beatty? these and other questions belong to the riddles i wonder about. below are 2 fine examples of a-long-singers.


  1. i love her blue dress, and little self-conscious foot.

  2. I love the guy in black...

  3. Wow the blue dress and tights look stunning.........!!!

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