i'm a woman now

so yesterday was my birthday and i turned 26 which means i'm now in my early late twenties. like that wasn't sad enough i was bitter about being back in london where i never have any money and i never know whether to go to that party or read a book on mentalization (i study psychology). since i didnt bother making any celebration plans i stopped by at the dazed&confused party which wasn't really happening either. the hottest people of the night are the ones below

you may remember him. so hot.


famous fred - my only guy-friend who manages to steal all the hot straight boys from me


  1. dude, i'm like the WORST friend EVer! herzlichen glueckwunsch nachtraeglich zum geburstag, liebste!!! i was just thinking of what could top a garlic press the other week and since then it's been so nonstop that yesterday just flew right by :o( how about i make it up to you by throwing in a little sumpin sumpin extra with my apple blossom care package?! ;o)

  2. hurra!! guilt feelings = better birthday gifts.
    i was totally not bummed about you forgetting though, i always forget everyone's birthday and felt it was only right for destiny to get back at me eventually.

  3. i hear berlin is cheap, and geld kann glück kaufen

  4. haha genau! ich kauf dich einfach gluecklich, katja!

  5. Happy birthday. Oh, how I'd love to be back in my early late 20s!

  6. yeay for the guy-friend's mondriaanesque sweater-make-up combo.
    and of course all the best & nachträglichen glückwunsch zur fabulösen 26ness

  7. Happy birthday... I dream of being 26!

  8. Happy B-Day!
    Love the mondrian