the whole package

a couple of weeks ago the sartorialist posted a picture of a very handome young gentleman wearing some very revealing tight pants. whilst the general american public was upset at him showing off his, erm, appeal, i applaud this look like no other. i think it's manly, mod and sexy as fuck. here's my find in the field (just click on the picture for a close up :)


  1. Grrrr, fucking yankee. i dunno but where i live and where i travelled (uk, italy, france, luxemburg) a lot of men wear tight jeans, and it doesn't means that they're gay nor girly, but i guess that in america (exept for NY or LA) being stylish for a guy means wearing an abercrombie tee, a large jeans and some flip flop, it's pretty pathetic!

    a young guy who wear tight jeans and who is happy with his situation

  2. those jeans seem pretty standard for australia