DARLINGS! have yourselves a fabulous new year with lots of glamour, success, diamonds and pearls.

photos of me by philip, my lovely date for the night.


picknicking in berlin - the remaining party photos

click on the slide show to go to the album and look at the photos.

have yourselves a merry little christmas

dear darlings,
glamcanyon is celebrating its first of many christmases. the past 8 months have been lovely and i have a feeling that it can only get better. thanks to all of you who come checking in on occasion and who stay loyal when my lazy ass won't post anything for weeks. i happen to know that a big load of perfectly fabulous people read glamcanyon and that is all i want. i hope to keep returning the inspiration that i get from all of you. keep wearing your mindsets on the outside. they look good there ;)


a picknick in berlin

after losing my id, missing my flight and a desperate search for a next day flight below 2000 euros i have arrived in berlin yesterday. it is so cold it freezes my brain but i still love it.
like on every good saturday night out in berlin i went to picknick which is always good for awesome people/awesome fun. below are a couple of cool kids and stay tuned for some general party action pictures to come.


colour courage

Bethan, 24
i always let go of an inner cry of joy when i see people like Bethan in the street on a weekday afternoon. they really make my day a bit brighter. i notice it too, sometimes. you know when you wear something striking (but fabulous, evidently) people smile at you. it's a bit of a service to society. so long story short, Bethan and i simultaneously left the bank and i stopped her her for a photo and a brief chat.
Bethan works as a product designer and was just doing her christmas shopping. she's picked out the car you see below and some other toy as gifts for the family. in terms of fashion Bethan embraces the fact that she is short and so she likes to wear clothers that make her feel small. she gets inspiration from bjork and cracker toys. her advice for a happy christmas: "Buy cheap cracker toys." and why not.


last night at hoxton bar and kitchen

this gentleman is starblogger Todd from myself being the greatest fan of the oxfam in dalston(only today i bought 2 vintage skirts and a belt for 6£ total) i much appreciate todd's appreciation. he writes a mean blog and wears great jackets.

i love her. so 1920s depression from a bourgois perspective.

Oliver! -now this guy you know. but he looks so great everytime i see him i can't help but take his picture. same hat, different everything else.

ok, so since we're talking about faces you've seen hanging around the canyon before - this girl was just in the last post. but she is, hands down, my favorite face in london. the ultimate glam icon.


the BOOMBOX exclusive

why exclusive? because apparently the boombox organizers made a special deal with alistair from dirtydirtydancing that only he can take pictures there. the one time i tried taking my camera they wouldn't let me in.
so this time i was handed a small digital by a friend and even though it needed a lot of photoshopping to make them look bearable, here it is - a set of boombox faces.

for those of you who don't know yet, boombox will only happen one more night, which is new year's eve. so there probably won't be any repeat action of this.


merry and glamorous

last night i went to london's best friday night venue in town - Circus at soho revue bar. everyone was fabulous as you can see below.