colour courage

Bethan, 24
i always let go of an inner cry of joy when i see people like Bethan in the street on a weekday afternoon. they really make my day a bit brighter. i notice it too, sometimes. you know when you wear something striking (but fabulous, evidently) people smile at you. it's a bit of a service to society. so long story short, Bethan and i simultaneously left the bank and i stopped her her for a photo and a brief chat.
Bethan works as a product designer and was just doing her christmas shopping. she's picked out the car you see below and some other toy as gifts for the family. in terms of fashion Bethan embraces the fact that she is short and so she likes to wear clothers that make her feel small. she gets inspiration from bjork and cracker toys. her advice for a happy christmas: "Buy cheap cracker toys." and why not.

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  1. I can totally understand how she made you smile - what a great outfit! and don't forget the make-up... how cute are those white cheeks!