a picknick in berlin

after losing my id, missing my flight and a desperate search for a next day flight below 2000 euros i have arrived in berlin yesterday. it is so cold it freezes my brain but i still love it.
like on every good saturday night out in berlin i went to picknick which is always good for awesome people/awesome fun. below are a couple of cool kids and stay tuned for some general party action pictures to come.


  1. der micha. was wär ich da gern dabei gewesen...

  2. the 1st is perfectly cute and that's a nice suit on the guy in the big fur hat.

    happy holidays!

  3. the scarf that girl is wearing, the one in vibrant colours, the girl with the spectacles....i've seen that scarf on soooo many people, but I can't figure out where to get it. does anyone know? is it american apparel? It's not, but all typical "I shop at AA only" people seem to own's!