5 strong women with a side of masculine charme.

Christel, 26 - East Village
psychodelic and old school rock n roll is what Christel calls her style. she's a jewellery designer and waitress and is wearing shorts from "somewhere in seattle", a shirt from when she was 15 and shoes by Dolce Vita.

Amanda June, 22 - East Village
Amanda June would only let me take her picture after swearing that I wasn't from Vice magazine. I'm not so you get to check out her outfit. the shirt is by American Apparrel, the shorts are vintage, shorter necklace is from her jewellery line June Lee that she owns together with Christel (see above).

Kimberley, 26 - The Annex in the Lower East Side
hippie, cowgirl or hipster? this girl is some of everything and also has a lot of slashes in her occupation. she's a photographer, videographer and a musician and gets most of her style inspirations from the 70s and Stevie Nicks. her fashion is somewher between natural and eclectic. this pretty dress is from Anthropology.

Jess, 22 - Union Pool
"Big sexy baby" is what her friends call her and it describes her style as well as her personality perfectly, Jess agrees. the creative consultant likes to go for a "youthful look" - shorts, straps, overalls. her overall is by Jeremy Scott for Ksubi, the t-shirt is by LNA. at this point i'd like to give a little shout out to jess who did the best posing i've come across in new york. to the rest of you i apologize for only putting one picture up of her.

Kate, 21 - Union Pool in Williamsburg
could this be the ghost of Edie Sedgewick? Kate is from Ireland and just waiting tables for a few months in nyc before returning to her art studies in Dublin. her dress and cardigan are by Penny's, the necklace is from a charity shop, bag is vintage and the belt was stolen from a friend. her style is like her personality, she says - arty, quirky, simple, inventive.

Josh, 36 - East Village
this tattoo artist likes the fashion from the 30s and 40s because they exude masculine charme, he says. he likes his clothes to be worn in, a little beat up and imperfect, that way they go best with his own character. his outfit is vintage from all over the place.

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  1. Katja! How is NY now? London really pales in comparison.

    I've been pondering long and hard over who I think should represent GC in the next round of StreetClash. And I think it should be either Amanda June or Irish Kate. Yup.