rainy thursday july 5th

Laetitia, 25 - Alphabet City
une petite française who's been living in new york for over 2 years. she was so cute with her umbrella and the big grey sweater dress i just had to stop her. she was so sweet to actually give us her umbrella when me and Katja forgot ours. merci beaucoup, laetitia

Yanina, 31 - Lower East Side
very new york i thought when i saw Yanina with her black baggy dress with a clever design and those "net" shoes. it turned out Yanina's dress is part of the new collection of her store "Don the verb" and her shoes are by Arche. her style has been very influenced by life in new york and she uses words like uniforme and utilitarian when describing her fashion.

Dyllan, 20 - East Village
dyllan just walked out of the metro when i walked in. he works in retail and as a student and model. i love the shirt by B Blessing and his Balenciaga boots. skinny jeans are by Ksubi. He describes his style as schoolboy with an edge. j'adore.

Saran, 21 - East Village
She and her buddy Dyllan just came home from a night of wild dancing and drunken craziness when i bumped into them on the subway. Saran likes to shop all over and hasnt subscribed to just one line of fashion. fashion as a feeling.

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  1. I must have that 3rd guy's shirt.
    And his friend is fabulously glamourous!