impressive folks

so here's a scramble of 8 new beautiful ones of the past 3 days. all are actually very interesting and talented personalities that i was delighted to meet.
afternoon ice-coffee-sipping, subway-posing and innocent looking all in one post. enjoy.

Susie, 22 - Wiliamsburg
susie is the lovechild of drew barrymore and marilyn monroe and has the most charming way about her. she just graduated from a degree in literature and has moved to ny from north carolina about a week ago. she's an aspiring writer, actress and artist and buys her clothes at vintage stores before she cuts them off (see skirt). she says she dresses like a gipsy - ragged but together, dreamy but adventurous. a lovely little lady.

Stina, 26 - Willimansburg
Stina's an amazing singer from denmark doing her thing in new york city. we crossed paths in front of beacon's closet, everybody's favorite vintage store in williamsburg. her skirt is from a Salvation Army store, the top is from somewhere in Europe and glasses are vintage.

Stacy, 21 - East Village
no, no it's not cameron diaz that i found here in such a lovely evening gown in the 1st avenue subway stop. Stacy studies acting at NYU and was on her way home from dinner with her friend Miguel (below). her dress is from Betsey Johnson, Las Vegas. when it comes to style Stacy wears whatever she feels like, even if this means wearing haute couture to a dive bar.

Miguel, 21 - East Village
miguel is spanish for sexy, if you didnt know. or at least you'd think so taking a look at this boy's outfit. the deep cut top is by Behaviour and the vest is from a Salvation Army store. the pants are from "a slutty girls' store", shoes are by Magic Shoes. necklaces are from his friend's grandma. Miguel's fashion is inspired by costumes, sillyness and womens' fashion.

Julian, 23 - Soho
i admit i'm easily charmed by a man in a suit with a hipster haircut so i just had to run up to Julian on the street. it turned out he's german as well (aha, soso, schönen guten tag) and works as an assistant manager for a fancy hotel in Soho.
his suit is by Hugo Boss and the shoes (i wish i had them in close-up) are by Juno. when he's not working Julian likes to wear skinny jeans and American Apperal shirts - the usual hipster wear. nice guy.

Trip, 28 - at Sway
somehow his name doesn't come as a surprise when looking at Trip who works as a raw food chef. he's also a musician and cultural cutter (specializing in cutting edges). his entire outfit is from a dollar store located right below his apartment. in fashion he likes to go for a "psychadelic gangster asthetic". sorry i couldnt buy you that beer, dude. next time though.

Rebecca, 23 - Sway
this is Rebecca Turbow, an amazing ny-based designer. she made the outfit she's wearing here, it's part of her collection called SAFE. she designs around the idea of finding safety in clothing and uniquely uses white and turquoise materials.
it's also worth having a look at her myspace

Alison, 23 - Sway
another outstanding young designer Alison Kelly wears one of her own designs, taken from her label DAHL. Alison creates clothing in reaction to what's going on in the world socially and politically, but always with the undergoing idea of peace, love and softness. check out her website for better insight into her fashion philosophy.


  1. 2. It all just works on her
    3. Cute & beautiful
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    You’ve got a great eye, keep it up!


  3. Lookin' Good Susanah! NYC hip-a-roonie!