4th of july at a party in Williamsburg

Randa, 28
Randa made some awesome kimchi burgers (spell?) on 4th of july which together with her cute look saves a spot in glamcanyon's 4th of july feature. her cothes are from different cheapie stores all over ny. she describes her style as eclectic chic.

Nikolai, 22
i could hardly believe how pretty this face was. everyone at the party wanted to sleep with him, I swear. nikolai was born and raised in russia but now lives in the US, works as a model, graphic designer and musician. his sweater is from 7 New York, boots and pants are Raf Simmons. about his style he said his sharp esges reflect in his clothes. indeed.

Lola, 21
i have to admit that at this point of the evening both me and Lola were very drunk already and the notes i wrote down about her i cant read anymore today. i know she makes pottery and the shirt was given to her by her mom. she did a whole lot of poses for this shoot and at one point she pulled down her pants and said "this is what i think of our president". let your ass show rebellion.

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  1. #2, like his shirt, and it may not be apparent in this shot but I can tell he is quite beautiful