the visit

here's my latest video for designer scouts and fashion & art toronto.

featuring models: saraiva @ izaio, will and nadine @ satory mgnt, david @ ps models

hair and makeup: yoerg kronnagel, jana oheimb-rosta

fashion by: augustin teboul, moga e mago, esther perbandt, sadak, von bardonitz

editor: annika lange


THE SHIT - bonnie strange's new fashion label shows at berlin fashion week

my favorite girl wonder Bonnie Strange did it again - after establishing successful careers in photography, modeling and music, to only name a few, she now also launched her own fashion label with the ironic iconic name THE SHIT.

first there was only the idea to open a shop that would sell vintage clothing, after all Bonnie is famous for her incredible style and many, including me, would love to have a go-to place to find the type of styles she throws on. with the idea of the shop came the idea of a big opening party during fashion week and with that came the next idea: a fashion show!

within only a week Bonnie assembled an army of pink-haired mermaids who did not stop for one second and sewed up a brand-new collection that was shown at Alte Münze on saturday night. it's all a bit cray cray, totally trashy but in its own whackiness kind of awesome and definitely stuff that releases all sorts of happy feelings.

neon chased by rainbow colors, hearts, fake fur, leather, latex, crosses and bling - it was all there. the audience cheered loudly at each look that hit the runway and many people said afterwards that they have never attended a more fun and exciting fashion show.

highlight of it all was the kiss between the guy in the teeny black knickers and the bride who afterwards threw her bouquet into the cheering crowd before both walked off to 90's classic "no limits" by 2 Unlimited.

well done, Bonnie Strange and team - we look forward to what comes next!

by the way - THE SHIT designs will be available for purchase at the Shit Shop (Greifenhagener Str. 64 in Prenzlauer Berg. keep an eye on the Shit Shop Facebook page for the final opening date.


berlin fashion week: michalsky's stylenite

this year was my first to attend Michalsky's Stylenite, an institution at berlin fashion week and often referred to as fashion week's most exclusive party, something i finally wanted to judge for myself. Stylenite is essentially a fashion show within a party with exclusive musical performances (this year with newcomers BlitzKids), endless flowing drinks, berliner tv and music celebs and a few top models - not the shabbiest way to spend the evening.

i walked in with most of my expections centering on the notorious goody bags and so i was all the more surprised to actually witness a decent runway show with a few surprise moments like an 8-months pregnant model (reaping cheers from the crowd) as well as some seriously glamorous dresses i would wear in a heartbeat.

so far so good. the party started off a bit ultra slow but i stuck around convinced that it would get better. it would have to if everyone always talks about it, right? in the meantime i tried every cocktail on the menu (unfortunately there was only one, so that didn't help), said hi to people i knew and quizzed other fashion bloggers about the hype made around stylenite - with no satisfactory results.


alas, i took a few snaps of the prettiest girls at the party, drank enough gin&tonics to last me for the month and eventually cycled home in the rain at 2am. without goody bag of course, they had run out by the time i left. classic.

berlin fashion week: shermine shahrivar


mercedes-benz fashion week berlin presents steven tai

one of yesterday's shows that left everyone astounded was of young designer and recent Central Saint Martin's graduate Steven Tai from Canada who with the help of Mercedez-Benz and Elle was able to present his latest collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. blonde and beautiful geeks walked the runway in Tai's unusual designs playing with layers, asymmetric cuts and unusual shapes.

we also got to see the dress that won Tai the Chloe Award at Hyères back in April 2012 - a unique fashion technology dress featuring hundreds of pen nibs that magically turn, creating a glamorous effect.

below you'll find some of my favorites from the collection but i recommend you look at all outfits over at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website. 

well done, Steven Tai, you rightfully are everybody's favorite and one of the highlights of this summer's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. speaking of which, 2 days ago i presented you with the campaign video shot by Mario Testino with model Joan Smalls, now there is also a Making-Of video from behind the scenes available online - check it out here.

 *brought to you by Glam


berlin fashion week: monochrome graphics

berlin fashion week: augustin teboul

have you ever wondered what it might be like to walk into a real life fashion editorial? no? well, neither have i, but since recently attending the fashion installation of french-german designer duo Augustin Teboul i have a pretty good idea what it might feel like.

this latest collection was presented on beautifully styled models with pale skin who were sat on old leather couches and armchairs, appearing to be bored while oozing an air of heavy 20's glamour. all they were missing were long cigarette holders puffing away as visitors took one million and more photos of this stunning ensemble. (as did i, naturally)

Les Fleurs du Mal - the flowers of evil is the name of this collection, a theme that found its perfect match in the opulent flower arrangements by Fleurop artists die Jungen Wilden.

people were queuing down 2 flights of stairs to be be able to witness the installation but once inside were greeted with a mellow athmosphere and fancy cocktails.

Augustin Teboul have probably by now outgrown the ones to watch image but they're definitely amongst berlin's new elite in avant garde fashion and i hope they'll stick around for as long as possible.

more info on Augustin Teboul and some impressive lookbook images shot by Stefan Milev can be found on their website.