berlin fashion week: augustin teboul

have you ever wondered what it might be like to walk into a real life fashion editorial? no? well, neither have i, but since recently attending the fashion installation of french-german designer duo Augustin Teboul i have a pretty good idea what it might feel like.

this latest collection was presented on beautifully styled models with pale skin who were sat on old leather couches and armchairs, appearing to be bored while oozing an air of heavy 20's glamour. all they were missing were long cigarette holders puffing away as visitors took one million and more photos of this stunning ensemble. (as did i, naturally)

Les Fleurs du Mal - the flowers of evil is the name of this collection, a theme that found its perfect match in the opulent flower arrangements by Fleurop artists die Jungen Wilden.

people were queuing down 2 flights of stairs to be be able to witness the installation but once inside were greeted with a mellow athmosphere and fancy cocktails.

Augustin Teboul have probably by now outgrown the ones to watch image but they're definitely amongst berlin's new elite in avant garde fashion and i hope they'll stick around for as long as possible.

more info on Augustin Teboul and some impressive lookbook images shot by Stefan Milev can be found on their website.