berlin fashion week: fringed

zombi boy

probably my favorite snap shot from berlin fashion week


HUGO BOSS puts glamour into berlin fashion week

let's face it, berlin fashion week is by no means graced with the resources that new york or paris fashion weeks enjoy and so one cannot expect too many surprises or momentum in most of the shows. HUGO BOSS however never fails to impress with a great set up, an amazing model cast and an even more impressive front row. top models Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls and Liu Wen were strutting down the runway at yesterday's presentation of the fall/winter 2012/2013 collection while stunning icon Julianne Moore was watching. next to her were greats like model Georgia May Jagger, Jared Leto (who made a few jokes trying to flirt with georgia, that raised the eyebrows of german Vogue editor Christiane Arp) as well as it-girls Sky Ferreira and Pixie Geldof.

HUGO BOSS made a smart move by inviting star blogger Bryanboy to accompany the whole thing, do some guest-blogging for them and appearing on the largely advertised live-stream. i love him in this HUGO BOSS light blue suit., we need more blue suits in this world.

all in all, the attending guests were a rather elegant lot, with some of my favorite faces below.

love the glamorous jacket with the loosely-tied hair in the shot above.

model albe hamiti is one of my favorite faces in germany. she currently blogs for styleclicker.

luvinsky is the singer of the band paris suit yourself.

and finally: the show. as always i adored the manly and sophisticated cuts and materials HUGO BOSS dresses the modern man in. most of the collection consisted of black, white and the occasional bright color, making a bold statement without being over the top - a rather german esthetic, in a good way.

a full length recording of the show can be viewed on the HUGO BOSS blog and more updates are posted regularly on their facebook page.

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berlin: strange girl

an ARTE camera team was following me around the streets of berlin the other day and who do we run into? one happy, up-to-no-good miss bonnie strange, acting like it's 30 degrees celsius. good times.

ps: today is the start of berlin fashion week! more of bonnie and the rest of the fashion folk coming up...


berlin fashion week: live-stream for HUGO BOSS runway show

i wouldn't say i'm much of a fashion week goer, but whenever berlin fashion week comes around i get a little giddy with excitement as the week feels like a good excuse to stop all other activity and just go to shows, hang out with friends and drink free sparkling wine.

you might get to marvel at presentations by up and coming german designers, sneek into the 5th row of some label you haven't heard of but are happy to get to know or, if you are very very lucky, you may get invited to what is probably the biggest spectacle of berlin fashion week - the HUGO BOSS fashion show.

being invited here means to watch models like Kathrin Thorman and Devon Aoki strut down the runway next guests like Matt Dillon, Hillary Swank or Nena.

thanks to the web and some clever people at HUGO BOSS, there will be a live stream made available of the show so everyone gets to be there, at least digitally. find out in real time what celebs are taking a seat in the front row (more importantly: what are they wearing?), which models were booked and key looks presented at the show.

here is your link to view the LIVE STREAM starting transmission on January 19, 2012, at 01:30 p.m. save the date!

for more updates, be sure to follow @HUGOBOSS on twitter.

i'll be live at the show tweeting and instagramming my heart out (follow me at @glamcanyon)

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bonnie strange keeps young and beautiful

it's not a secret that miss bonnie strange has been a muse to me and my work and whenever we get together we come up with something new.

a couple of weeks ago, we were hanging out at my studio and i asked bonnie to "just do whatever" in front of my camera.

the result is below. i hope it offers a bit of food for thought. enjoy.