camera review Canon IXUS 510HS part 2: holiday snapshots

last week i introduced you to the Canon IXUS 510HS for the first time. i told you about the remarkable zoom qualities (there is next to no quality loss even when using the 12x zoom all the way) and the fact that the camera has wifi, which means that you can send photos from the camera directly to your computer, smartphone or the web, in a matter of a few buttons pushed.

for the second part of my review i'd like to focus more on overall picture quality, colors and shooting during conditions such as nighttime or very bright sun. very handy detail - i happen to be in Curaçao, one of the islands in the Caribbean this week which gave me the ideal opportunity to test the camera when most people would want to use it - on holiday.

always a big deal to me - colors. they get better when you add a bit of contrast in photoshop, something i do with pretty much all my photographs, so the images you see here have been tuned a tiny bit as well, except for this one:

colors happened to be perfect already. vacation time is the most important time of the year and i think a good camera is essential to help you capture all those amazing moments and bring them home to share with your family. it helps if they look nice, because no one enjoys looking at greyish looking, lifeless photographs. the world is full of color, you want to get it into your shot.

as you can see in the second shot, even when held directly into the sun, the IXUS 510HS will adapt to it quickly and get a great shot that is not overexposed at all. Equally impressive are its skills when shooting at nighttime. Dark restaurants or dimly lit bars are not a problem for this allrounder and shots come out clear and with good colors.

finally, the IXUS 510HS is a great one for taking photos of yourself in front of famous sights, buildings or events, you can fit any number of people into your shot and its light weight ensures that it can follow your around in any bag or pocket without ever getting annoying.

that's it from me in Curaçao. cheers!