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2 weeks ago, i told you about the wedding dress vintage smackdown, in which curators claudio and frank from iheartberlin.de invited people from berlin to send in their best vintage looks, some of which they will present at the wedding dress fashion show.

submissions are closed now and you can vote your favorite outfits. to vote the style you like best out of the 2 contenders here below, just go to the iheartberlin facebook page and click on for oona and thibaud's photos.

berlin: white and grey


hurricane 2011

as with rock am ring, i am ending my hurricane report with a little video i made. to see more photos and read up on my time at the festival, click here.


helsinki bikes: ride in style

the finns are not taking their bike business lightly. everyone here rides a bike and unlike, say, berliners, most people appear to ride fancy bikes, rather than fleamarket ones. maybe that's down to a lower rate f bike stealth, maybe it's the culture. i personally only recently bought a fancy bike (after riding an incredibly ugly grey mountain bike for 2 years), as i had been marvelling at proud holland bikes for the longest time.

while bike-spotting in helsinki, the biggest impression on me left this dude, apparantly a well-known finnish designer with one bad-ass ride...

lots of bright colors, such as green, yellow and orange on the finnish bikes, which i love. happy bike = happy rider.

and my personal favorite. a perfect salmon pink dream on wheels.


rock am ring 2011

i posted about it last week. here's the rock am ring video i made. enjoy!

click here for more impressions of my rock am ring weekend.


helsinki: liisa

this is liisa jokinen from finnish streetstyle blog hel-looks. liisa and her partner sampo organized the recent hel-looks weekend as part of helsinki design week. i was fortunate enough to be invited as one of 9 other talented creatives presenting their work in short presentations.

to see and read of my impressions of helsinki design week, go over to travelettes.


represent yourself, represent berlin.

it's time for another model call. only that this time, no big brand or label is involved - this is all about you and your vintage closet.

my dear friends Frank and Claudio from berlin superblog iheartberlin.de are curating this year's fashion show at Wedding Dress, an event that was originally created to make the seemingly unsexy disctrict of wedding, more appealing to artists, designers and other creatives. i've followed that call last year, when i found my photo studio there. like in the previous years, Wedding Dress will feature a runway show with hip berliners showing off their best vintage outfits. in order to find this year's "models", Frank and Claudio have teamed up with their blog besties to recruit the hottest bitches fashionistas in town.

if you think you've got what it takes, email 3 or 4 photos with your favorite vintage outfits to smackdown@iheartberlin.de. important detail - no labels are allowed, purely vintage and DIY.
oh, and boys - you're requested to apply as well, don't let the photo confuse you.

and here is another run through the details:

The Vintage Smackdown at Wedding Dress #6

Application Deadline: June 17, 2011

Send to: smackdown@iheartberlin.de

Online Smackdowns: June 27 – July 3, 2011

Wedding Dress #6 Festival: July 9-10, 2011

Vintage Smackdown Fashion Show: July 9, 2011 18 & 19h

at the festival grounds at Brunnenstr. (Brunnenstr. between Voltastr. and Bernauer Str.)


berlin: on the bus


berlin: ckONE and MTV party at tape club

love me some HURTS

(count the blondes in these photos)

do I spot a trend?