helsinki bikes: ride in style

the finns are not taking their bike business lightly. everyone here rides a bike and unlike, say, berliners, most people appear to ride fancy bikes, rather than fleamarket ones. maybe that's down to a lower rate f bike stealth, maybe it's the culture. i personally only recently bought a fancy bike (after riding an incredibly ugly grey mountain bike for 2 years), as i had been marvelling at proud holland bikes for the longest time.

while bike-spotting in helsinki, the biggest impression on me left this dude, apparantly a well-known finnish designer with one bad-ass ride...

lots of bright colors, such as green, yellow and orange on the finnish bikes, which i love. happy bike = happy rider.

and my personal favorite. a perfect salmon pink dream on wheels.


  1. Ich bin ein Fan von Deiner Arbeit, auch die Frauenportraits auf Deiner Seite. Alles Gute!

  2. Uh, I love bikes! I'm from Copenhagen, the city of many bikes:), and that last bike is soo pretty! It would fit me perfectly:)

  3. Belle!!!!! I love de bike!!

  4. I couldn't live without my fixie.

    love your blog.