31 Aug 2010

30 Aug 2010

29 Aug 2010

berlin: cotton

28 Aug 2010

berlin: country boy

27 Aug 2010

berlin: the back-bag

26 Aug 2010

berlin: colors

25 Aug 2010

24 Aug 2010

berlin: all black

23 Aug 2010

22 Aug 2010

berlin: lands' end picknick

thanks for the lovely picknick, lands end.

21 Aug 2010

20 Aug 2010

berlin: the backpack

19 Aug 2010

berlin: fruity

18 Aug 2010

berlin: lighten up

17 Aug 2010

16 Aug 2010

the world's biggest fashion show

do you remember seeing this young lady on here?

that's nina. nina works at galeries lafayette, one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and as we were chatting about blogs and fashion week, she told me about an event, the galéries lafayette berlin are having on september 30th. it's called "du bist die mode" (in paris, they're simultaneously holding an event called "la mode c'est vous") and it's supposed to become the world's largest fashion show.
the idea is for people like you and me to sign up as models, walking down the massive street catwalk right in the center of berlin wearing their own clothes.
if you're interested participating, all you need to do is upload a picture at galerieslafayette.de/dubistdiemode/ and get your friends to vote for you.

good luck to those participating - i'll be seeing you on the 30th.

15 Aug 2010

a thing for hats

a bit like these two ladies i met during berlin fashion week, i have a thing for hats. i have a whole collection of them and every country i travel to, i buy at least one hat. my current favorites are a vintage sailor hat from a store in new orleans, an opening ceremony straw hat i found on sale in new york for less than 10% of the original price and a black cabbie hat from a carnival store. because as i say: hat wearers have more fun...

and of course i could not resist buying one of those panama hats during my recent trip to italy, even though i fear wearing one while there is pretty much an instant give away of the fact you're a tourist:

if you like hats as much as i do, but maybe dont have time to go around and pick out the best ones, a good alternative is to buy them online. a decent choice here is hut.de (yey for free delivery). you might have to do some looking around but they hold a few real gems.

14 Aug 2010

13 Aug 2010

berlin: holes

12 Aug 2010

berlin: daytime lace

11 Aug 2010

berlin: charmer

10 Aug 2010

9 Aug 2010

berlin: skin deep

7 Aug 2010

day by the lake

day by the lake from katja hentschel on Vimeo.

model: anne-claire martin
music: yann tieren - comptine d'un autre été/après-midi
shot and edited by me

6 Aug 2010

berlin: rosa on and off

rosa is a model from spain who's been living in berlin and has worked with me on various producions like this one or that one. the other day, i took pictures of her in her own clothes after we had finished shooting, because rosa has some lovely laid-back, understated style.

this is her during the shoot, wearing esther perbandt

...and after, in her own clothes.

5 Aug 2010

berlin: shoe shine

4 Aug 2010

3 Aug 2010

2 Aug 2010

berlin: that boy

1 Aug 2010

berlin: playful