29 Jun 2010

28 Jun 2010

new york, I love you (but you're bringing me down)

i made a video about new york inspired by my feelings about the city and my recent trip there.

27 Jun 2010

26 Jun 2010

chatting to Conrad from tape tv

a while ago i told you about how the smart urban stage took over berlin for a couple of months bringing you shows and parties from a wide range of hosts. anyone from motor fm to tape tv was involved. talking of tape tv, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Conrad Fritsch, über-smart and forward-thinking head of the online tv channel. Fritsch understands the complicated needs of the internet user and the fact that when we feel like having one particular thing, say milk for example, in reality we probably want organic 2 % milk from company X. same goes for cars, water, furniture, friends, vacation, fashion, laptops, blogs, ......, hot tubs and online television. the latter was subject to our conversation which you can check out in the video below..

by the way: this video was originally produced for the smart urban stage blog, which is very much worth checking out.

24 Jun 2010

berlin: hippie-ism

23 Jun 2010

berlin: park life

22 Jun 2010

berlin: ruffles

21 Jun 2010

the travelettes fleamarket

going on a trip soon and still stretched for cash? the travelettes are holding a fleamarket on july 4th in berlin to allow girls who are currently planning a trip and still need holiday cash to sell some of their old clothes and things. space is limited and we're almost booked but i have reserved a few spots for anyone with a particularly interesting trip coming up. if that's you, sign up by sending a brief description of yourself and your trip to katja@travelettes.net. selling at the fleamarket is absolutely free!

for all those who have nothing to sell, nor a trip coming up, please do still visit us on july 4th. whether to buy a whole new wardrobe or to chat with some of the girls who have trips lined up to sumatra, australia or italy.

berlin: bringing back the 90s

20 Jun 2010

berlin: fade to grey

18 Jun 2010

berlin: classy cut-offs

ps: more of my USA road trip shots are now up on travelettes.

17 Jun 2010

berlin: POSH! the Prince

Posh, who is currently touring as a dancer for Lady Gaga, is an avant-garde singer and performer who is outrageous and awesome in equal parts. Check out his music on http://www.myspace.com/poshtheprince

16 Jun 2010

15 Jun 2010

berlin: go west

14 Jun 2010

los angeles: micro dress

photos of my road trip through the US are up on travelettes.

12 Jun 2010

berlin: oriental

11 Jun 2010

10 Jun 2010

9 Jun 2010

Berlin: Motor FM does Smart Urban Stage

almost 6 weeks after my last visit to the Smart Urban Stage, I returned there last night for a grill party hosted by my favorite radio channel Motor FM. eating grilled sausages and sipping beer from straws to celebrate the launch of a tiny electronic car? any day.

8 Jun 2010

open mic night at madame claude

a lot of people always email and ask me where to go out in berlin. something that is a pretty great option for sundays is the open mic night at madame claude, a bar in kreuzberg.
i made a little video about it for my other blog-project travelettes. if you're in berlin (or want to be), maybe this is something for you.

7 Jun 2010

Carni lookbook

Not too long ago I shot the photos and a video for the lookbook of new jewellery label Carni. Designer behind Carni is my good friend Frank Schröder, author of the ever so popular Berlin blog I heart Berlin. You can buy the pieces in the Carni Online Shop.

Try watching the video to the end. you'll see why.

6 Jun 2010

5 Jun 2010

photos of venice beach

are now up on travelettes.

berlin: cheeky

4 Jun 2010

berlin: blue overall

3 Jun 2010

2 Jun 2010

new york: sporty