chatting to Conrad from tape tv

a while ago i told you about how the smart urban stage took over berlin for a couple of months bringing you shows and parties from a wide range of hosts. anyone from motor fm to tape tv was involved. talking of tape tv, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Conrad Fritsch, √ľber-smart and forward-thinking head of the online tv channel. Fritsch understands the complicated needs of the internet user and the fact that when we feel like having one particular thing, say milk for example, in reality we probably want organic 2 % milk from company X. same goes for cars, water, furniture, friends, vacation, fashion, laptops, blogs, ......, hot tubs and online television. the latter was subject to our conversation which you can check out in the video below..

by the way: this video was originally produced for the smart urban stage blog, which is very much worth checking out.