30 Aug 2009

kerala (india): lea

this is lea from paris. find out some bits more about here on travelettes.net.

28 Aug 2009

26 Aug 2009

berlin: get served

24 Aug 2009

19 Aug 2009

new nerve date up

nerve.com recently published another date i shot for them.
you need a membership to view the photos but it's worth it for seeing some really excellent nude photography (and i don't just mean my own).
find my recent set HERE.

18 Aug 2009

berlin: capris for men

vote for glamcanyon

glamcanyon is lucky enough to be shortlisted among the finalists (photography section) for the dazed raw blog awards.

if you want to vote for glamcanyon to win please go HERE.

thanks bitches.


16 Aug 2009

duesseldorf: dancing to the smiths

i recommend you don't try to make too much sense of my titles. i don't either.

berlin: learning to fly

14 Aug 2009

berlin: anna

12 Aug 2009

10 Aug 2009

8 Aug 2009

6 Aug 2009

4 Aug 2009

3 Aug 2009

off to india

hey y'all,

in 4 hours my cab is picking me up to go to the airport and at 6am i will fly off to mumbai, the departure point for my trip throughout india with my good buddy caroline who's already there (and already vomiting). while glamcanyon will continue to provide you with looks from berlin i'll hopefully come across good outfits over there as well.
otherwise you're free to check on my advetures on my new website travelettes.net where i'll reporting in all honesty on yogis, backpackes and upset stomachs.


2 Aug 2009

berlin: shopboy

1 Aug 2009

travelettes go this way please

finally my new online project -travelettes.net- has launched.
it's an online magazine/travelblog/network from girls on the road for girls who will or want to travel. we hope to provide you with guidelines, tips and our personal travel experiences.

we're still looking for contributors, so if you or someone you know is going backpacking for a month or longer and would like to write up their funny tales for us, please shoot me an email at katja@travelettes.net.

berlin: stattbad / telekollegen