berlin: super furry animals (that have been turned into bags)


  1. this guy deserves a standing ovation

  2. that's a Vintage Zara bag, isn't it? I used to have one! Shame, what would I have done with it...? I'll need to look for it next time I go back home in Spain :D

  3. Oh!
    No, that's a bag I did from a skin found on a flehmarket; Some kind of african goat (according to the sailer) ((so I guess the animal used to be killed to feed people..)).
    And the T-shirt is from my friend's new vintage "superstore", at Almstadtstrasse 43 (Ecke Schendelgasse).
    G. (the guy on the pic)

  4. electric safari love it!

    "guy in pic" : the guy who sold you the skin was lying to you :( sorry... i am from south africa and know for a fact that, that isn't "an african goat" its in fact a springbok skin... often used with impala skin for carpets and various house hold decor. and not to make things worse it wasn't killed for food, but for export. but not all my news is bad. the game reserves where the bucks are kept are often over poplulated by them and in order to keep numbers right, bucks are kulled and they prob sent one of those skins to the guy who sold it to you, so its ok :)

    never the less, lovely bag! seen suit jackets, sandles and scatter cusions in the same skin.

    brendan from SA