london fashion week: day 4

day 4 started with a plan to take things slow. do some shopping, no rushing, just do shows i'm in the neighborhood of anyway. so on my way to topshop i decided to take a quick peak into Roksanda Illincic whose collection last season i liked a lot. best thing about the show were the goody bags with a retro barbie from the 50's. you can't mess with barbie. she's boss.

several hours at topshop and 2 new pairs of shoes later i decided to pop into the Issa show where the models had really great hair and make up. very reminicent of barbie here as well. alice dellal and jourdan dunn were doing the show.

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...right after Issa I was invited to check out the show by 2 designers: Rachel Freire, Rozalb de Mura from backstage. good fun this....

...than a quick drink at the reception after the show. oh, hi gok wan!

...mahret and i hit a cab to take us to the british fashion council party which was nice. attitude-free and refreshing for that.

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