london fashion week :day 3

day 3 started at 10am (very proud) so i used the morning to blog and work on photos. when i was finally done i dressed for the night (it was 2pm then) as i didnt plan on coming home before midnight and several parties were lined up for sunday night. first stop: meeting Mahret at vauxhall fashion scout for free cookies and coffee pampering in the media lounge before going to see young design talent Louise Amstrup....

click on any photo to see it large

...said goodbye to Mahret and rushed over to the main tent for Jaeger London show. Snatched up a front row seat (because no one told me not to), got my picture taken by confused photographers who thought i was someone as i was seated next to someone who was a real someone. sorry pals. show was nice i thought. although no goody bags - bummer.

...on to the Burnlingon Arcade where PPQ were scheduled to show. models included curvylicious daisy lowe, peaches geldorf and alice dellal - the usual yellow press stars. collection was colorful and good fun. goody bags contained hair products and sherry. we left ours there.

PPQ finished at about 9ish - perfect timing to go straight to the first parties as we wanted to attend at least 3 of the 8 or 9 bashes going on last night. first stop: jalouse for the christopher kane/10 magazine party. nice drinks but probably didn't kick off until later so we left for eley kishimoto's after party at a club on the 20th floor of some building. breathtaking views. sadly they stopped serving free booze shortly after our arrival so not a fab option here either....

...finally got to cafe de paris where PPQ held there after-hour. we may have been a little late as it had already died down quite a bit. with luella and erdem on early today people probably couldn't stay out too late...

...all in all, one of the more relaxing days i've had at fashion week so far. i'm working out a new routine where i can breeze through the day a bit more and be less hectic. if any of you have suggestions on how to approach this problem, please do come forward.


  1. what a beautfiful Asian lady! :)

  2. PPQ show seems very vibrant and colorful, and the parties look like great fun! hope you had a great time.

    xx-LJ from SOS!

  3. the colours of the photos are amazing!!! you're soooo talented!!

  4. I need a pair of those striped tights/nylons!