please feed the bloggers

if like me, you're always busy going to parties you sometimes forget to eat so it comes in very handy when someone decides to throw you and a bunch of other bloggers a dinner party. this is sort of what happened last night when Otto kindly decided to treat 9 of germany's front line blogger ladies to a night out at Rodeo, one of the cooler restaurants in berlin. the table was graced with the presence of mahret from f&art who also writes the Otto Fashion blog, Mary from stil in berlin and pudri, tessa from flannel apparel knicken, zana from garbage dress, judith from what's wrong with the zoo, lea von lealoves, lisa von lalila, und camila von allet-ohne-schminke. pretty much all of those foxes will also shake a leg at the GLAMCANYON & QVEST FASHION WEKK OPENING PARTY at VILLA so come along!!!


  1. großartige immpressionen! schön beim essen und so...

  2. mmmmmm

    nice to see you in paris babe, shame i was in a hurry.
    You looked hot as usual


  3. AAAAAAAh!how i hate to miss tonights world best partey!