happy birthday, brian!

the month of may certainly came with some cool people. after it was my friend echo's birthday on thursday, last night celebrations were held to honor brian's 32. parties are great of course because you meet all your friends' friends and there's food and drinks and fun and it call comes for free. best of times. this party was themed 'rainbow warriors' which i missed entirely with my red polka dot dress, but brian here certainly was spot on!

brian. with his buddy duck.


Happy Birthday, Echo!

Echo, one of my favorite people in london, celebrated her big 25 yesterday at visions on kingsland road. all guests were (almost) as fabulous as lady echo herself and beautifully interpreted last night's theme 'the 5th element'

echo morgan knows how.


london summer street fashion laws

now of course most people would argue that here are no rules in fashion. yet there are trends and in a way those are similar to rules. fashion laws, so to speak, are made by designers, musicians, artists and most importantly - you. you and the way you wear "it" is what inspires all of the previous people and their output is largely a result of what you put in. here's a brief summer '09 fashion forecast from glamcanyon.

girls: retro. even if you don't shop vintage put your hair up and wear a bandana or a silk scarf wrapped around it. variably fruit and flowers will attrat smiles and compliments. no particular rules for clothes as long as they're colorful. pink, turquoise, yellow, green - all fab. if you've got body - show it. cleavage, legs, bottom - work what your mama gave ya. any real london lady can teach you a thing or two about the meaning of a short skirt and a low-cut top. i also noticed a definite tendency towards sandals.

boys: shorts, shorts, shorts. the self-respecting cosmopolitan male wears shorts of all sorts and calibres combined with a t-shirt or a buttoned shirt (my favorite), leather shoes (sandals or other) and ray ban lookalike sunglasses (preferably white or brown)

now go out and have a fashionable summer


phone in sick

phone in sick last sunday was possibly the most fashionable bunch i've seen since boombox days. not in quantity really but quality. i didn't stick around long enough to photograph everyone but they were definately there.


style noir launch party

yesterday was the launch of a new biannual publication called Noir, a book that will feature all the up and coming people in art and fashion. it was also my friend's birthday so i beat myself to leave the books and have a social life. as a result of that i've been drunk for the past 48 hours and it only finishes tomorrow when everyone goes back home to berlin. happy birthday, drea!

cute doggy



brick laner

i think black socks and white sandals are the future.


could you resist?

emiliano - italian for hotness


spotted at the bus stop this morning on his way to work. casual with a twist.


fake it

recently i did a shoot for a jeans clothing company where people wore their own clothes mixed with the label's clothes. all photos were shot in my immediate neighborhood with mostly friends of mine. i'll post some of them over the next couple of days for your viewing pleasure. today: petter.