london summer street fashion laws

now of course most people would argue that here are no rules in fashion. yet there are trends and in a way those are similar to rules. fashion laws, so to speak, are made by designers, musicians, artists and most importantly - you. you and the way you wear "it" is what inspires all of the previous people and their output is largely a result of what you put in. here's a brief summer '09 fashion forecast from glamcanyon.

girls: retro. even if you don't shop vintage put your hair up and wear a bandana or a silk scarf wrapped around it. variably fruit and flowers will attrat smiles and compliments. no particular rules for clothes as long as they're colorful. pink, turquoise, yellow, green - all fab. if you've got body - show it. cleavage, legs, bottom - work what your mama gave ya. any real london lady can teach you a thing or two about the meaning of a short skirt and a low-cut top. i also noticed a definite tendency towards sandals.

boys: shorts, shorts, shorts. the self-respecting cosmopolitan male wears shorts of all sorts and calibres combined with a t-shirt or a buttoned shirt (my favorite), leather shoes (sandals or other) and ray ban lookalike sunglasses (preferably white or brown)

now go out and have a fashionable summer