glamcanyon is throwing a party! (and you're all invited)

you like the blog? well, you will LOVE the party! it was about time i assembled all those pretty faces i show you every week and put them all into one party - my own! Glamcanyon - the party that will bring you juicy pop and mainstream hip hop (you know you love it), 60's gogo dancers, an all female steaming hot dj-crew and a delicious crowd of fashionistas, models, industry people and - yes - NORMAL folks! we love everyone in the canyon, so please come on over and shake a leg, drink a drink and find someone to make out with.

please also join the glamcanyon facebook group for more updates/infos and deals.


  1. You're holding it at Last Days? Finally a decent night - my housemate did the branding for that place, but we haven't found a night we wanna go to yet.

  2. well there you go, now you have a rather fantastic excuse to come ;)