from the street to the dancefloor

this is lois. i ran into her on the street the other day and we get chatting about all things glam and it turns out that she is a dancer in a group called the panther girls who dance for a band called glam chops. long story short, foxy lois will be one of 2 60's gogo dancers at the glamcanyon party! (in case you were still collecting reasons why you cannot miss this one)


  1. damn i need a coat just like tt

  2. Hello Kat,
    From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

  3. My friend is in Glam Chops. I didn't realise they had dancers. I should actually go and see them!

    Also, the coat is very much on my style desire list after accidentally losing mine in a house move. A big collar never goes out of style!