two words on where i'm at

some of you may vaguely remember that just a couple of months ago i was a bundle of nerves trying to juggle final exams and a thesis for my master's degree all the while working on the blog and making a living on various photogaphy jobs. somewhere during those days i wrote a feature article about some of the club kids in london for australian Attitude Magazine called 'dress up to get down'. it's only available in australia so if you're there, grab one. because of my delicate eye for hot-boy spotting, errr, i mean of course interesting men's fashion noting, i started regularly contributing same to canadian Toro magazine and new british mag Buck. my london fashion week looks can be admired on fashion156 as well as Vanidad who kindly wrote a little article on me (in spanish) and classified me under celebrities, which is, erm, hilarious. if you live in Japan grab the current issue of Nylon Guys which just launched over there. i did a portrait on 3 of london's it-boys for them which i would show to you if they would ever come around to sending me a copy, grrrr. the journalist in me came through once more during paris fashion week when i contributed a couple of articles for photography-wise i've shot a campaign for Korean shoe label Skono (with gala gonzalez and pelayo) and i did a fall/winter catalogue for converse in korea. if you liked the editorial i did for hmagazine last month, keep your eyes open next month when another editorial i did will be published in under the influence magazine who don't have a website for now but i'll show you the tearsheets once the mag is out.

so much just for stuff i've been doing recently. i'm working on plenty more as we speak but it's never good to belt out things that only exist in theory. you shall be kept updated.



  1. ohh wonderful ! you deserve it because you take amazing photos :*