good-bye paris

i'm finally back in london and even though it's raining non-stop, i'm more than happy to be back. fashion week has left me a little burned out and my head hurts constantly, what i believe is the product of the careful diet of strawberry milkshakes, vodka on the rocks and aspirin i enjoyed during the past week. but do not worry, i shall go to spa-days, eat broccoli and drink herbal teas until my recovery is complete and i am fit to attack new fashion obstacles.
my good-bye from france was still a nice one because the only photo i took on my last day was of the tiny lady below. i call her 'little miss paris' because where else would you find a two-year-old who ever so elegantly holds on to her purse. awwwwww


  1. oh my goodness what an amazing picture! It's humerous and yet incredibly chic at the same time. Great job!

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