today I am most delighted to present to you my video debut. in a moment of madness someone thought it would be a good idea to hand me a camera and the new Sony Rolly asking me to run with it. and so i ran. to the phone, calling up my most cameraphile friends who you see rocking the sidewalk of lovely mortimer road which i happen to inhabit. the song they're dancing to is 'Dischoe' by awesome swedish girl band Those Dancing Days

let me know what you think about my first ever video (without being too critical though, this filmmaker is still a bit shakey on the legs)


  1. ooo very impressive dear, your friend asked me to do it but I didnt have time, im kicking myself now....looks like good fun.


  2. love love love it! well done, super fun!

  3. oooh i love it!
    it looks like fun fun!!!
    can i be in ur next video? lol jk
    I prefer to be behind the camera.
    may I ask which prog u used to edit?

  4. oh i didn't edit it. that would be a bit much to ask. it was edited by a company called pixelfantastic. one of the perks of doing something for sony :)

  5. dont step on the rolly!!! haha

    cute video

  6. hi,

    stumbled across this site through facehunter - really enjoying it!
    Love the video - what a crazy little contraption, especially loving the fast cuts at 1.39. I work in telly myself and my professional-ish opinion you've done a great job - nice work!

  7. Very very good for a first video!

  8. Is this going to be used as an ad for Sony?

  9. thanks lou, but i'm afrad can take absolutely no credit for the cut. it was all done by professionals. i merel drummed the people together and told them to dance around in front o the camera.

    doll, this is merely a small part of a big promo campaign and won't ever grace any television screen i'm afraid. which is fine with me, as i believe glamcanyon readers are the more exclusive audience than the whole of britain ;)

  10. you did a great job! i've yet to see one of those contraptions in america, but i'm sure if this commercial was on the telly everyone would want one.

  11. hi there.
    You simply rock!
    I want you to be part of the project

    Please let me know.
    julien @ digitalpublishing . cz