london tube epiphanies

yesterday on the tube, as i was reading my loneley planet south india travel guide, i suddenly had an epiphany. now if you know me well, you know i average out on 3 epiphanies a day but i think i'll stay at it with this one. for a while i've been planning to spend a month traveling in india later this year but now i think instead of backpacking along the beaten track i'll rather just stick around mumbai to do a documentary on the scene kids there. find out what it's like to be young and free-spirited in the midst of the planet's 2nd largest 3rd world country. should anyone be interested in tagging along or sponsoring this fabulous project get in touch.

this guy i photographed in chelsea only minutes after my inspired idea entered my thoughts.


  1. awwww you're travelling this year, You're lucky!! Can't wait to see your beautiful photographs.

  2. that's slinky from the band 'The More Assured'!
    just thought I'd let you know : )