daytime street fashion by glamcanyon - not a good idea

have you ever noticed that street fashion gods such as the sartorialist and face hunter always manage to photograph their models in front of a clean and appealing background? one can only imagine what it takes to
1) chat up a stranger to get their picture taken in exchange for, well, nothing
2) convince them to stop doing what their doing and walk around with you until you finally come across a semi-decent background for the picture
3) get them to pose for you again and again until you have that one photo that doesn't look half-bad.
i do this at parties of course, where noone has anything to do other than pose for pictures and people usually have had a drink or two so they're more experimental in their posing, but day-time? 9 to 5? hard work. i suck at it as you can see below. no unusual pose, shabby background, tons of other people in the picture. i guess i better stick to party photos.


  1. NOOOO dont stop taking day pictures. It's about the clothes on the person at the end of the day. I want to see amazing clothes not people flailing their limbs, pretending to be models.

  2. HEHE du hast recht, die szenarien sind doch immer sehr durchgestylt und ich finde ja, manchmal ist der hintergund fast besser als das subjekt...

    hier finde ich ja, das
    1. der typ total schnuckelig ist
    2. der hintergund sogar farblich passt
    3. die künstlichkeit im positiven sinne verloren geht

    denn ich will ja keinen hochglanz fashion spread, sondern "echte" bilder, und was gibt es sexierers als einen mann in neongelber sicherheitsweste als background-inventar?

  3. I agree with the previous comment, it's the clothes that count. love your photos, at day or night, and I envy you because all you people have fantastic style. I wish people in my town were as stylish as you girls and guys!

  4. Oh my god if it wasnt for Slade whole Gower Street would be so boring what it is most of the time! you were lucky finding him!

  5. ho ho hello
    quite funny you 've done it today because i just past my day following the facehunter in london.
    Do you want to do it again tomorrow?

  6. it's about the clothes! continue to bring it to us, day or night!

  7. yeh i m all free tomorrow night, let me know if you go somewhere.
    Have my own blog houhou, haha i was really bored so just created one. quite empty, isnt it !?

  8. Actually, I have always wondered how street fashion photographers manage to do that. I suppose appealing to people's vanity is a somewhat reliable tactic.

  9. Still a nice picture overall. The backdrop does help a tad bit. The variation of blue hues and the contrast between a very relaxed, casual look juxtaposed with a noisy, rough-and-tumble background. So keep shooting day or night. Either rocks!! Just wished Washington, DC was a up a notch in style. It can be very drab down here sometimes :( Keep at it!!