cracker your wardrobe - the new issue

hurra! my favorite street fashion magazine the cracker has come out with a new issue and guess who landed yet another cover? that's right. glamcanyon is gracing its pages with not only the front page but a few more inside featuring looks from new york and london.
grab a copy if you happen to stop by korea any time soon or just ask me, i can make few available. just answer this question: which is the only blog that can make you cooler just by reading it? the right answer will receive a free mag and my appreciation.


  1. glam canyon can! <3
    the cover looks really quite fantastic, congratulations!

  2. ooh yes send me an issue!



  3. i'm really looking forward to having an original glamcancover to pimp my coffeetable with, as i'm the first one to answer the question:
    you must be talking about my blog!
    but seriously: congratulations! if you continue like this i'll have to change your link to bold italic.
    can't wait to get my own copy from korea

  4. i want one! i want one! can i, can i???? it's so gorgeous katja!

  5. last time mailing it from korea took 2 weeks so don't hope to see a copy find it's way into your home any time soon. i'll keep you in the know, however. people who live in london/are my bff's get priority
    (but hey, if you are neither and you are dying for a copy you can make me an offer i can not resist :)

  6. glamcanyon can!!
    it looks amazing.
    i'd love a copy, email me please.

  7. Is there a subscription for the UK? I would be really interested on getting my hands on it. XD
    And well done on getting on the cover.
    And the answer you so cleverly asked for is your blog. Seems that is what happens when you search the magazine in Google. LOL

  8. Oh crap sorry forgot my email: ashley2003@gmail.com
    Thanks for you time. XD
    Silly me!