how to have the time of your life

as you may have realised by now i am always interested in uncovering the secrets behind a good party and a fab look. i had such a good time at saturday's For3ign that I decided to take it as my departure point for a little analysis of what you need to do in order to enjoy yourself fully at a club of your choice.

a) either go with good friends or make sure you'll meet/make some there

b) dance like there is no tomorrow

c) be outrageous! 15 minutes of fame start for you the minute you get on that bar and shake your back for the masses

d) engage sexually with anyone you please (safely, of course)

e) pose for the camera -looking good is crucial when someone points their camera at you. this moment will be available worldwide and you want to look hot

f) despite hords of club paparazzi, it's often enjoyable to just take some snaps of you and your friends. and put them on myspace.

the whole album is available by clicking here or on the slideshow below

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  1. you have a great blogspot and i adore all your pics.