glamcanyon magazine, darling!

ok, so i've been doing my very best not to attend any shows or hunt around the london fashion week tent, primarily because that's just the obvious thing to do and i have plenty of collegues who cover that field with great expertise. one thing, however, i cannot stay away from is a hot party with free champagne and exciting looks.
the british fashion council hosted such a party last night at beach blanket babylon in shoreditch and i had a mighty good time. superficial of course, but hilarious for that. for example the question "where are you from?" is by no means directed at your country of origin but much more the company you work for. i got asked just that as i took people's pictures. i could sense the dissapointment in their voices when i could not ome up with some fancy fashion mag. maybe next time i'll just say: "GLAMCANYON MAGAZINE, darling!" haha. do put the word darling behind absolutely everything you're going to say to anyone. oh and stock up on those cocktails before they switch to complimentary beer and wine only. i'll post the party pictures later today, when i get around to it.


  1. Mag the magic word, indeed.
    and if they're like: "never heard of it"
    ONLINE, darling, print is soo '06!

  2. honey katja!
    I love your words, Iand I understand what you mean with that!

    Love your original, different, cool and first of all full of sense of humor job.
    You rock.

    much Love
    Verena G