boys and girls

puh! it was a bit of work but i've managed to work everything out the way it needed to be worked out and now i have a lovely place to stay right between shoreditch and dalsten and i'm a working girl again who gets to eat, drink and survive.
thanks for all the patience with the london styles to go up but today i went out and found you some delicious style bites. enjoy

Nicolina, 22 - Shoreditch
i present you my first street fashion victim in london town. the bright neon shoes together with the casual brown tones caught my attention and i decided it was a Do. the shoes are from Rebok, jacket is from Zara, leggins are Topshop, the hat is from a friend and the shirts an old t-shirt of her brother's. Nikola works as a social therapist at a mental health unit.

Jess, 22 - Brick Lane
i've mentionned it before and i'll say it again - i LOVE anyone who's wearing shine and sparkles in bright daylight. i cant really pull it off but i adore when others do it. Jess's pretty dress is her own design for a shop called MadfashionBitch. she combines it with a vintage chanel bag and her dad's bow tie.
"most people think i'm a crackhead" she says, when asked what her style says about her. if she could give the world some fashion advice she'd encourage everyone to wear more colours and metallic.

Richard, 20 - Shoreditch
frankly this young scot couldn't look more bored to be photographed, but actually he was very nice. he's a fashion student (is anyone in this town not involved with fashion?) and currently down from scotland to intern with a london-based designer. his fabulous trainers are Adidas, jeans are Cheap Mondays and jacket's Rosasen. the cool glasses are by Alain Mikli.
Richard is actually a rather shy caracter but clothes help him to disguise that and make him appear as someone confident and ballsy.

Kingsley, 30 - Brick Lane
ladies (and fellas, if applicable) hold on to your hearts cause this guy might steal it. a smooth operator, i'd call him because all he's got to do is smile and it charms the pants off of you. his lovely outfit entirely consists of gifts from friends, former jobs and his mom. the shirt is from NewYorkIndustrie, the rest vintage.
Kingsley is a great artist and very inspired by positive things like colors and joy. from clothes he expects them not to cover the body but to celebrate it - the shape of it - independant of what it is.

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