berlin fashion week: model watch backstage at laurèl

yesterday i had the opportunity to hang out backstage during the preparations for the laurèl show. there is something strangely soothing about being surrounded by busy people when you're the only one who can relax because all she has to do is to occasionally pick up her SONY XPERIA Z smartphone and snap the madness unfold.

ok, maybe that's not entirely what happened but it felt that way. the best part of being backstage at laurel weren't the clothes as much as modelspotting. not every show at berlin fashion week has a great casting but this one was refined to the teeth with some of the best german models and a few great international ones too.

the one who stood out to me was sula starridou, who really is incredibly beautiful. not surprisingly that she came out first and modeled a total of 4 looks (while other girls only had 2 or 3). i had not heard of her before but her 58000 facebook fans suggest that i am simply behind on this one.

also running were german supermodel kathrin thormann and lovelyn, the recent winner of germany's next topmodel. with so many well-known models, naturally there were a ton of camera teams, photographers and journalists adding to the buzz.

also in the show was model rebecca mir, a former runner up of germany's next topmodel, who was just about to pull down her pants when i wanted to take a snap of her. oops! she handled it well though - how cute is this photo?

90 minutes after the craze began it was already all over again. no shoe broke, no model tripped, applause, tension relieved, everyone happy.

xoxo the smartphone paparazzi

*made with my SONY