berlin fashion week: "holy me" by augustin teboul

i think that ultimate benefit of anything artistic, be it a painting, a song or fashion, is to inspire others. there is value in being "nice to look at" but in order to be outstanding it takes a bit more.

presentation matters.

as every year the queens of presentation, when it comes to showing their latest collection, are anneli augustin and odély teboul of the label augustin teboul. each season they come up with a new exiting concept, impressing onlookers, imposing feelings, thoughts, ideas.

their spring/summer 2014 is called "holy me" and was largely inspired by christianity, and remained in line with the label's color of choice. except that in the world of augustin teboul black has many shades which come out through the use of all sorts of materials like leather, silk, wool and beads. 24 models stood lined up in an empty former supermarket, each one separated by white linen, walking up and down in slow motion. the whole thing was accompanied by music that didn't alwas seem to make sense. i mean that in a good way.

i'm not one to photograph each show i go to but in this case i like to make an exception. enjoy.


for more info on augustin teboul, head over to their website