accessorize: the thing with the right scarf

this is one of my favorite pictures from my archive of streetstyle photos:

i love the nonchalance of the linen, the earthy tones, the accidental gesture of the girl fixing her hair and that casually wrapped scarf. i remember that after i took this picture back in new york in 2010 i thought about scarfs a lot. in fact, i always buy a whole bunch of the during spring and again in fall, to keep a warm neck during the transitional period. but the real question is - how do you bind it?

i have to admit i usually just swing it around my neck once or twice without much thought or consideration of turning the way i bind a scarf into a fashionable gimmick. after looking through the guide to wrapping a scarf in 10 different ways i might reconsider my "technique". at the end of the day, however, what matters is to have a nice scarf or shawl, that compliments your outfit. if you're still looking for the right one, here is a pretty big selection of options.

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