there's a new online store in town...

i think when it comes to shopping for clothes most people split into 2 teams. one prefers to go into the store or the mall to get a proper feel of materials and fit before they their lay money on the table. the others are all about online shopping which can be much more time-efficiant and you get to compare styles and prices within the blink of an eye.

for a long time i favored the offline retail experience, mostly because i was tired of clicking my way through endless pages of dresses and pants and shoes but also because i did not want to deal with shipping costs.
the big change in my thinking happened when more and more online shops offered to ship clothes for free and even made returns free and easy. such is the case with, a new german online retailer that doubles as an info platform with some pretty cool new features.

the idea to create a crossbreed of online shop and blog is not entirely new but goes a step further by curating a full-blown style council where you can get tips which bikini best suits your body type, what must-haves you need for the festivals this summer or even what sort of dresses work best for your highschool prom (could have really used that last one on my own!).

i really like that type of guide for giving me inspiration what sort of look is still missing from my closet and what i absolutely need to get my hands on. speaking of which, i had a browse of the site and made a little inspiration board for myself with items i think are cute this summer.

so for all in team online retail, have a look at the new kid on the block and pick your favorites!

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