berlin fashion week: the last day

by the time the final day of fashion week had arrived my brain was fried for pretty much most of the time. i was tired of picking up my heavy camera and therefore quite happy to just stick to my SONY XPERIA Z smartphone for taking snapshots of the day unfolding.

photography was still possible here and there, but meaningful conversation? not so much. try to picture a chat between well-dressed zombies, that is essentially the type of banter you get on the last day: "shit, my head hurts." - "man, i'm so tired." - "oh god." - "oh god." something like that. amazingly, true fashion people still manage to pull it together for the testimonial photograph like the lovely ladies of blonde magazine.

freshfaced like on day 1.

for a little less conversation and a little more fashion action i went to the istanbul next show, where 3 up and coming labels from turkey showed some quite lovely collections. istanbul next is a project supported by the turkish ministery of culture and tourism to help expose young turkish designers to an international audience.

after a well-deserved shopping break on friedrichstraße my next rendez-vous was backstage at the miranda konstantinidou show where models were made to look like real-life sailormoon dolls with gelled-back hair and big heavy braids.

konstantinidou's fashion is always amongst the most colorful at fashion week and accordingly the spirit backstage was casual and fun. how could it not be when every other person looks like a giant japanese doll? for pictures of the show click here.

after konstantinidou (try saying that 3 times fast) i stuck around for the first big runway show of my friends moga e mago, a designer duo from berlin who specializes in avant-garde accessories and intricate designs. instead of goodie bags, guests found a torch on their seat - they were to literally be the stars of the spectacle. as models hovered along the runway in slow-motion giving awkward stares into the audience, the torch lights completed the night sky athmosphere, making the last show of this berlin fashion week a particular highlight.

there is no better way to celebrate the end of fashion week than to do it over a chilled-out dinner with other fashion friends and so a few of us had a bite before heading out to the müller PR after party at le chat gris, decidedly the best option for that last friday night. blogger darling vladimir karaleev himself was spinning fine rnb and hip hop while the champagne kept flowing and the whole event turned into one big street party. apologies for having forgotten to photograph the festivities but here`s a photo of soren of and anna (and their friend golli) who recently launched the amazing travel blog - check it out!

that's it from me and fashion week. next up: berlin summer. xoxo

*made with my SONY