berlin fashion week is on! (and i have 2 happy helpers)

aaaahhhh fashion week!

i don't usually like to admit this but i always look forward to fashion week in berlin. it's a time when i see lots of people i usually don't, when 80% of my liquid intake consists of prosecco and when my world seems like one giant buffet of goodies (sometimes wrapped in bags). it's also a time when i often work a lot, usually photography assignments for various magazines shooting streetstyles, following celebrities around or documenting the overall buzz of trade shows and runway shows.
needless to say that this year will be no different. i'll spend endless amounts of time carefully crafting a plan of what shows and parties not to miss only to have a last minute assignment roll in that throws over the rest of my plans. but hey, i kind of like it like that. planning is so boring anyway, i prefer not knowing what the next day will bring. which is not to say that i don't like being prepared for whatever is thrown at me! luckily, this fashion week i will have an assistant. in fact, i will have 2 assistants, both are smooth, dark and handsome, both are ascendants of the SONY family. please meet: the XPERIA Z smartphone and tablet:

believe it or not but i belong to the small percentage of internet people who have not yet owned a tablet so i am particularly thrilled to welcome this one into my life. i got a little overexcited and downloaded various films from the google play store right away, just in case i ever get stuck somewhere or bored (not like that is going to happen this week).

each day, starting tomorrow i will update you guys on what is happening at fashion week - backstage, at the shows and on the street - with these 2 guys, sometimes life from the tent, sometimes from the comfort of my desk. superfutureblogging!!! i hate having to carry a laptop so this is a pretty ideal compromise on the weight department of my purse. not like my shoulders wouldn't be used to it by now...

already my favorite feature about the XPERIA Z smartphone by the way - the front camera lens! it takes loooovely photos, much better and far less pixely than ANY other smartphone i have come across. be sure to see more photos i take with these guys in the coming days.

by the way - if you're following me on instagram @glamcanyon then you will notice that some of my photos in the coming days will be hashtagged #XperiaFashionweek - those photos will have been taken with the XPERIA Z smartphone. the camera quality is unreal, i can't wait to show you what it can do!

alright, you can tell i'm pretty exited to take my blogging to the next level with these 2, stay tuned for more!