berlin fashion week day 2: with my feet in the air

compared to the first day of fashion week, day 2 usually feels like a walk in the park after being hit by a car. the birds sing, the sun shines but you are limping through the trees. ok, i am clearly exaggerating it a bit here but while the madness usually finds its climax on its first day (for me anyway), the remaining days are spent in varying degrees of zombie mode, largely depending on the amount of sleep i got the previous night.

nevertheless i had a fantastic day 2, this time i put my SONY EXPERIA Z smartphone to the test and snapped a bunch of snaps from the various stages of my day.

one of the highlights of any berlin fashion week is always the show by franco-german designer duo augustin teboul (check out my post on them for last summer here) where the city's cool kids meet to marvel at the ever so creative ways these two ladies turn black cloth, leather, beads and chiffon into almost magical pieces of clothing. never short of amazing is the installation they create around it.

fashion week is great for fashion but personally my favorite part is the socializing, a time when i get to catch up with all my fashion friends whom i never usually have time to meet or who come in from cities like hamburg or munich where they normally live. berlin fashion week is great about providing attendants with free drinks wherever you go (you could start downing free prosecco at 9 am if you wanted to) lending a nice excuse to hanging out for a bit to smell the roses.

the next show we saw, that i look forward to each year, is the designer for tomorrow award by peek&cloppenburg where a star designer chooses 5 talented young designers to come and show their collection in a runway show before one of them is pronounced the winner. in the past marc jacobs was the patron designer to pick the 5 up and coming talents, this year stella mccartney had the honors. i will say that i found the choices a bit on the boring side (marc jacobs usually picked wildly creative and daring designers, always ensuring an entertaining runway show) and while i appreciate stella as a designer, i think she could have covered a broader range of talent.

the jury consisting of fashion professionals like german vogue editor christiane arp and blogger hanneli mustaparta eventually picked ioana ciolacu miron from rumania as the winner. for more info about the different contestant click here

check out the photo below to see if you can recognise the famous heads in the front row.

after more socialising and a lot more prosecco we eventually ended the evening at the bright opening party at casino 36 in kreuzberg. for those unfamiliar with the bright tradeshow - it's the go-to place for all things urban and hip hop fashion and usually a nice and laid-back break from the "real" fashion circus happening in and around the tent. definitely the best place to be hooked up with fun music to dance to.

and that was the end of day 2. what today will bring, you will know by tomorrow. xoxo
*made with my Sony