summer shades

sunglasses - they're on my mind (and eyes) every summer and i usually end up buying a few different pairs of shades to fit different outfits and occasions. something that all my buying choices for sunnies have in common is a certain vintage feel i go for, classic styles that have been proving themselves for many years, timeless cool that is as good today as it was 10 years ago. i'm not one to go after a particular brands, but it does feel nice to own at least one good pair of quality glasses that won't break or scratch or bend after just a couple of weeks.

a new series of sunglasses has just been released by Carrera - the Carrera 6000, vintage-inspired and lightweight, made of high quality materials. the series comes in two styles - the sporty version and the camouflage ones with a bit of a twist in the print. i can just about see these become a hit amongst sartorialist guys in rolled up pants and buttoned shirts or girls in short jeans and leather jackets. i for one, have my pair sorted for the summer.

for more info and to see all styles available from this new series, check out the carrera website and follow them on facebook to always be up to date with the most recent developments.

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smart phone appreciation: the new LG Optimus series

over the past few years smart phones have become the ally of any self respecting fashionista, fashion blogger or just anyone who enjoys being having a world of possibilities right at hand. i don't have to tell you that a smart phone is your best partner in documenting your life on photo, sound and video, that it lets you connect to the rest of the world via the internet, that you can use it to read, write, listen, play, watch, buy, search, photograph, interact, organize, work, schedule, arrange, tweet, download, zip, inform and do endless other things with. it's almost as much of a must-have as a computer is and like with all must-haves in life it comes in many different varieties.

the most recent addition to the smart phone market is introduced today by LG, a brand that has been reputable for their elegant design. now they're releasing a new series called Optimus with 3 different categories and styles of smart phones.

the LG Optimus L3, L5 and L7 are all equipped with state of the art technology and excel in its minimalistic design and world class performance. it's thin with a sleek silhouette, includes a 5MP camera with LED flash, wifi and all the essential gimmicks you expect off your smart phone. the L5 and L7 also come with the latest Android Icecream Sandwich 4.0 software (not sure what that means, but it sure sounds great) making it the perfect company for all your endeavours in life and fashion. a nice side effect is the price - these guys start at as low as €199, which is pretty great for what you get.

Vanity Fair recently shot an editorial featuring the optimus series, the making-of of which can be watched here below.

If you're interested in learning more about the new Optimus series or LG in general, have a peek at their Facebook page.  

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