GQ Awards in Berlin

sometimes in life everything works out perfectly. all the things you appreciate the most come together in one evening and you're on top of the world. that's pretty much what happened last friday night when i was invited to assist and photograph the GQ Awards at the Komische Oper in Berlin.

the invitation was extended to me by Schottenhamel Catering, a company based in Munich who was booked to provide party guests with amazing food (favorite n°1). as their personal guest i got an all access pass (yes, even backstage - favorite n°2) where i got to snack snacks and down champagne at my leisure, exchange chats with the likes of Chaka Khan or hang out in the ballroom area when no one else was allowed in.

now i love parties! throw in some extra fancy dress up and a ton of handsome men in smokings and i will be up all night (favorites n° 3, 4 and 5). i put on one of my glam dresses from my time in london and made my rounds between celebrities and finger foods.

hosting the event was Steffen Hallaschka (above) who did a fine job entertaining the masses in between the starstudded award presentations. Ben Kingsley won the award for his lifetime achievements while model Bar Rafeli won gentlewomen of the year. other awards for men of the year went to John Cusack, Nino Cerutti, Shaun White or Simply Red. Germany's Joko and Klaas were honored in the category television.

the whole event was as glamorous as it was laid-back and in that sense i suppose it was how you'd expect a GQ party to be. despite all the black ties and the floor length dresses people were shaking it all night to slightly cheesy international party tunes, the alcohol kept flowing and the 15 course menu kept coming.

and when you're the girl with the camera you have every excuse to ask the likes of Mousse T or Till Br√∂nner for a photo, right? 

oh and here's the very awesome Chaka Khan who somehow has stopped aging about 20 years ago.

here's a few more self-explanatory style bites from the evening...

thanks Schottenhamel Catering for inviting me to this exiting event and feeding me some of the best venison medallions with vanilla-pumpkin puree i've ever had.

oh, in case you were wondering what it looks like when i get all my favorite things in one place - this is how: