i don't want a lot for christmas...

...there is just one thing i need.

let's face it, ladies, it's never bad to find a bit of bling under the christmas tree. a beautiful necklace is always a show-stopper or at the very least it never fails to be an ideal conversation starter. something you never get tired of talking about and something to cherish for many years.

even better when that special piece of jewellery was a gift from someone you love. then it will forever be linked to the person who gave it to you in the first place - a wonderfully romantic idea, i find.

no surprise that in time for christmas, the ever so busy label JOOP! came out with a beautiful line of necklaces called Paladin. The collection comprises 8 different hangers in the shape of a heart, a padlock, a key or a ribbon, with 3 necklaces being gold-colored, 4 are silver and one is full-pavé. my favorite are the ribbons with the zirconia stones. if you're going to bling, you may as well go all out, right?

to buy one of those, simply head over to

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