terry richardson for mercedes-benz fashion week berlin

i've always had a love for contrasts. combining the old with the new, the shabby with the classy, the sombre with the lovely. so when i found out about the collaboration between Terry Richardson and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, i was first astounded and then delighted. i've always loved Terry's work and i think he's definately opened a field of photography with which i, as a photographer, can identify with much better than a lot of those sleek, photoshopped campaigns, one sees.

terry richardson visiting berlin for mercedes-benz fashion week

for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Terry shot the key visual with super model Jessica Stam, giving the whole event a bit of a sexy edge. on the main campaign photo, the blonde model is wearing red heels and a black mini dress, spralling on top of the new Mercedes-Benz model, the Concept A-Class. a car that is defined by its flat silhouette and a concentrated and sporty dynamic. a powerful combination, which also comes through in the new campaign video. the overall look of the clip is pretty raw, with cool colors with a gum-chewing, red-lipstick-wearing, heavily-hairsprayed Jessica Stam. surely not something one would normally expect from Mercedes-Benz. that said, i kind of like things i don't understand - what do you think?