bernhard willhelm and camper make a good team

a few days ago, i introduced you to Casa Camper, a boutique hotel run by the same guys who make the shoes. that's my cue for today's post, as i was asked to talk about the new Bernhard Willhelm collection for Camper this spring/summer 2011.

continueing his sucessful collaboration with the label Camper, Willhelm proved creative as usual and came up with some great models that de my shoe loveing heart beat faster.

why i like them:

i love pumps. i wear them all the time. i even run a blog i subtitled backpacking in heels! now, the downside to wearing heels when you are running around as much as i am, is that they can become uncomfortable after a while. this is precisely why i always look out for pumps with a heel that is not stiletto-thin and not too high. looking at this new Willhelm/Camper model, i can tell that they have comfort written all over them.

Camper has always been one of the first adresses where i go to look for the right pair of shoes before embarking on a journey to south east asia or mexico. i come here because i know that they specialize in shoes that combine comfort, style and durability. needless to say that this model is a must-have for the summer!

for anyone who prefers flats over heels, the collection comprises a great original sandal in uplifting colors:

when i first saw this collection i actually stopped by the Camper store in Berlin to try on the pumps, but they were sold out! i was promised that they would be back soon, though. To see the entire Bernhard Willhelm for Camper collection as well as some other desiger collaborations click here.